We Offer Consumer Financing Programs to Help You Treat Your Customers Right

The most successful businesses make customer satisfaction a top priority. Destiny Commercial Lending Solutions can help you do the same through our consumer finance program. This program increases your customers’ buying power by giving them the option to finance some or all of their purchases. If you sell expensive items or services, your customers probably already expect you to have a credit card program in place.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Your business can benefit from a quality consumer financing program in the following ways:

  • Keep customers satisfied and encourage repeat business
  • Build awareness for your brand
  • Attract new customers by providing them with purchasing incentives

When you implement our program, you’ll have thorough training solutions to help you learn the new system and stay informed about any updates and/or news. We also have the ability to collect on bad debt. The program is designed to make things as easy for your business and your customers as possible.

How Your Customers Can Benefit

As mentioned already, your customers will appreciate the freedom they have to finance purchases through your consumer finance program. They’ll also appreciate the following:

  • Ability to conveniently make payments online
  • Access to revolving credit line that can help them establish their credit history
  • Dependable and secure financial services

Ready to get started? Talk to one of our commercial finance professionals to learn how to implement a consumer credit card program today.